Issue Based Discussion In Adama

Issue based discussion on corruption was conducted with Adama city women league, women association and women federation leaders and members on September 20 in Adama.unnamed

Adama issue basedAIBD


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A new collaboration was established by one volunteer in Hadiya zone, shashogo woreda. This volunteer is teacher in Bonosha preparatory and secondary school of hadiya zone shashogo woreda. He mainly teaches civics and ethical education to grade 9 and grade 12 students. With his own willingness he used to facilitate the promotion of the ALAC service and the vision of transparency Ethiopia in the area. In addition he also gave a briefing to the grade 9 and 12 students in the school about transparency Ethiopia its free legal aid services and on issues of Ethics and corruption. 
This work aim at changing the attitude of the students towards corruption in one hand and other hand it aimed in promoting the ALAC service in the area on the. The students were told to tell the information they got to their families to fight corruption and stand besides TE. In this briefing over 350 students were briefed about TE and its free legal aid service

Volunteerism and campaigning Training in Bahirdar and Mekele

The final round university students training on Volunteerism and campaigning was successfully conducted in Bahirdar and Mekelle universities on May 19 and May 26 respectively. Fifty Students from each university who have successfully completed all five intake training sessions focusing on ‘ Corruption and Anti corruption movement in Ethiopia’, 'Domestic and international legal Instruments to combat corruption', ‘Leadership in Anti corruption Movement’, Time Management in Anti Corruption movement’ and Volunteerism and Campaigning in Anti corruption movement’ were certified

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