ALAC Activities

ALAC has entertained 104 cases in Addis Ababa and the four liaison offices. Out of these cases 95 are corruption related cases and the rest are not related to corruption since the six clients knocked our door for help, respective counseling services have been given. Out of 104 complainants 30 of them are brought to the table by female victims. Clients might be transferred from one center to the other if the case at hand needs to do so and there was a situation where Bahir Dar’s client has been transferred to Addis Ababa and got service by Addis Ababa ALAC. The transfer was qualified because the case of the client was handled by the federal high court.

TE regularly detects the category of the complaints for our research, issue based discussion and training purposes. Most of the complaints are related to corruption and lack of good governance. The complaints are mainly lodged on the following service sectors - Land Development and Management Office, City Administration, Courts, Police, Construction and Housing Development Bureau, Finance and Economy Bureau, BOLSA, Civil Service, Education Bureau, Justice Bureau, Road Authority, Electric Utility, FEACC, Prison Administration, Development Bank of Ethiopia, Health center, Recreation Center, ASTU, Medical College and Mekele University.

The types of corruption that have been reported by the clients are Access to information, Undue delay of matters, Bribery, Nepotism, Abuse of power, Mal administration, Embezzlement, Fraud, Violating court order and  seeking information concerning the procedure of reporting corrupted act to the concerned body respectively.

Most of Addis Ababa ALAC complaints were on Land Development and Management and in Adama center from ASTU since the office is located in ASTU.