Volunteerism and campaigning Training

The final round university students training on Volunteerism and campaigning was successfully conducted in Hawassa and Adama universities on May 20 and May 22 respectively. Fifty Students from each university who have successfully completed all five intake training sessions focusing on ‘ Corruption and Anti corruption movement in Ethiopia’, 'Domestic and international legal Instruments to combat corruption', ‘Leadership in Anti corruption Movement’, Time Management in Anti Corruption movement’ and Volunteerism and Campaigning in Anti corruption movement’ were certified at the end of the training.

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Prime Minister Dr. Abiy's Presentation

Yesterday, Prime Minister Dr. Abiy made a remarkable presentation to Ministers, vice Ministers, members of the parliament and different government officials on developing leadership skills. Dr. Abiy pointed out that each government appointee should carry out his/her duties in a transparent, clear and in a manner that discloses each activity of the Ministry to the public, in order to avoid time wastage and to deliver different activities time wisely. Adding to this Dr. Abiy notified the officials to give great emphasis in planning their activities. He stated, starting from planning an activity up to concluding a certain activity, it should be clearly stated and transparent as to how much it costs and how much time is needed to carry out a specific activity.
Amongst the different issues touched upon by Dr. Abiy, the contract to be concluded between each ministry and the standing committees of the parliament, to be implemented starting from September, is a very promising step taken by the government. According to the Prime Minister, the contract to be concluded between the standing committees and the ministries contains a list of activities a certain ministry has planned to conclude by the end of the fiscal year and these will be disclosed to the public through the ministries official web site. The standing committee by the end of the year examines each ministry whether the listed activities in the contract are actually concluded. The best part of this procedure is, it will be broadcasted live and anyone can raise questions or make comments regarding the activity and ministry under inspection. Dr. Abiy highly underscored that any Minister who fails to deliver any activity which it planned to do so by the end of the year, without having a concrete reason, will be removed from His/her position immediately. This action to be taken by the government, according to Dr. Abiy, will show that the parliament is amongst other things, is an institution that makes sure the people’s contract is actually implemented. This in return will make the people respect the parliament more. The other point is that the government’s commitment to take serious measures on those officials who failed to deliver, without having a convincing reason, indicates the government is actually an accountable government.

Moot Court Competition

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Moot Court competition on Land Transparency was organized by Transparency Ethiopia in Collaboration with Addis Ababa University, school of law from April 26th-28th. 15 universities from all over the country competed for Memorial and the best 8 orally competed in front of high profile judges and practitioners. Hands in for Wolayita Sodo University and Addis Ababa University for winning second and first place respectively.


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Issue Based Discussion

Issue based discussion on time management was conducted with fourty Misrak Dil primary School teachers on May 8, 2018.

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